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“Obar on the Issues” Columns

Links to Sam Obar’s column “Obar on the Issues” in The Walpole Times.

— As of 11/5/13, the column is on hiatus. —
10/10/13: Muti’s activism changed Walpole
09/19/13: Regroup the Insurance Committee
05/30/13: Don’t vote blind
04/11/13: Justice not paid in Town Hall theft scandal
03/21/13: Public duped into giving up liberty for false security
02/21/13: New library’s higher utility costs easily explainable
02/07/13: Pot should be treated more like alcohol
01/17/13: Walpole could function with centralized post office
01/03/13: Buildings study gave town mammoth wish list
11/29/12: CPA tax hike is multi-faceted
10/4/12: Town charter review too burdensome
09/20/12: Cuts before the override
07/26/12: Ignoring Walpole Town Charter sets precarious precedent
07/12/12: Prison mitigation money is hypocritical
06/28/12: Walpole conservatives only have poor election strategy to blame
05/24/12: Town asking for money as spending problem worsens
04/26/12: Walpole senior dealings a string of breakdowns
03/29/12: Alternative override plan is to kick out incumbents
03/01/12: Walpole doesn’t have a revenue problem, it has a spending problem
01/12/12: Senior center idea well-intentioned but impractical
12/29/11: Feature: Walpole writer ‘goons’ it up for the big screen
12/15/11: Is the Kraft casino a gift or a curse for Walpole?
12/8/11: Casino fight stretches beyond South Walpole front
11/10/11: Are smaller class sizes really worth it?
10/20/11 Questions abound over Walpole ‘Friends’ tax status
09/15/11 40B may not be the bogeyman many see it as
08/18/11 No matter how you slice it, spending is a concern
08/11/11 Close the book on the old library building
07/14/11 Walpole will gets its prison mitigation money back, now what?
06/30/11 New Walpole Times Column: Obar on the Issues

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