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For Selectman, 180 endorses Brown

May 31, 2016

Anyone who has followed Walpole town politics over the last year has witnessed the staggering disrespect that the Town Hall Establishment regularly shows toward Selectman David Salvatore. While Salvatore is fighting for taxpayers, advocating for more transparency, and pushing back against unsustainable spending, town staff, enabled by his own fellow Selectmen, have put up roadblocks every step of the way.

The amazing reality is that none of the things Salvatore is advocating for should be cause for disrespect in any way. There are small items and big items. Salvatore exposed Open Meeting Law violations. He opposed giving unsustainable pay raises to town employees. He opposed hiring a police chief, an important position, until it was properly put on a Selectmen agenda. He has opposed having dog-and-pony shows for the interviews and hirings of new police officers and firefighters. He identified serious flaws with proposed new bylaws for Walpole Media Corporation that no one else took the time to see. He took a courageous position against giving a tax break to a large corporation, because he knew it was robbing our taxpayers and future generations.

Salvatore is doing it while facing the most obstinate, out-of-touch Board of Selectmen majority our town has ever seen. He is getting no cooperation from his fellow Selectmen, and is routinely sneered at, yelled at, and told to sit down and shut up during meetings.

The reason that Salvatore is facing so much difficulty getting his reforms implemented is because the Town Hall Establishment that held power in town during the override-heavy 2000s knows it is on the verge of extinction, and the only way to fight back is to embarrass him. After a string of crippling election losses in 2014 and 2015, starting with the landslide defeat by the voters of the largest tax hike in Walpole history and capped off by Salvatore’s ascension to the Board last year, the pro-override faction is badly wounded. Those of us in Walpole’s great silent majority can seal their fate once and for all, and give power back to the people again, by giving Sewer and Water Commissioner Tom Brown a well-deserved promotion to the Board of Selectmen.

A vote to elect Brown to the Board of Selectmen means Walpole can more effectively move away from the tired manage-by-override mentality at Town Hall. Enough is enough. Let’s keep up the momentum and finish the job we began last year with Salvatore’s election.

180 enthusiastically endorses Tom Brown for Walpole Selectman on Saturday, June 4.

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