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Brown formally enters campaign

February 10, 2016

Press Release:

BrownTom_3810fst_5x7_300Walpole, Mass. 2/8/16: Tom Brown, Sewer and Water Commissioner and Town Meeting Rep., 17-year town resident, husband, father, Marine Corps veteran, and small business owner, announced last week that he will run for Selectman in the June election.

Brown intends to run on a campaign of transparency, new ideas to solve the town’s issues, and a fiscally conservative approach to town government, just as he has done on the Sewer and Water Commission.

As a Commissioner, Brown cast the only dissenting vote on a water rate increase last year, and successfully persuaded his Commission to reduce the size of a planned sewer fee increase.

On the Commission, he has a proven record of collaboration, and bringing opposing viewpoints to his side. He has consistently advocated for, and persuaded his colleagues on the Commission to pursue, innovative, out-of-the-box ideas for the use of Jarvis Farm, to obtain maximum use from the $4.5 million purchase. He proposed utilizing the property for solar panels to generate revenue, and also proposed the SWEET (Science, Water, Earth, Energy, Trees) program to align with the schools at no additional cost to ratepayers or taxpayers, through grants.

“Town spending has increased by $18 million in just five years. As a Selectman, I would be engaged, innovative, and constantly looking for alternatives to just going the easy route which is your wallets,” Brown said.

“As it is now, our entrenched politicians are running a deficit in the area of new ideas. I will be a stimulus of new, innovative solutions,” he said.

“I will be an independent, engaged, full-time Selectman, with the ability to ask tough questions, as I have done on the Sewer and Water Commission. My only vested interest is the best interest of the town of Walpole.

I am a firm believer in transparency in local government. As we have seen with issues such as the Jarvis Farm purchase and its re-use as a camp, and with the proposed tax break with Siemens, our town government could use more transparency.”

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