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Sicard chosen as Town Clerk

December 1, 2015

Norton Town Clerk Danielle Sicard was the unanimous pick of the Board of Selectmen last night to become the new Walpole Town Clerk as of December 31.

Although the vote was unanimous, Selectmen Chairman Clifton Snuffer said he felt Assistant Town Clerk Liz Gaffey would have been a better choice for the position over Sicard. But all four other Selectmen favored Sicard, so Snuffer agreed to put aside his opposition and support her in the vote.

During her interview with Selectmen, Gaffey stressed her years of experience at Town Hall, loyalty to the town, and civic involvement including positions in Town Meeting, on the Planning Board, and on the Capital Budget Committee. She told Selectmen that she would resign from all three of those positions if she was given the Town Clerk job.

Gaffey has been Assistant Town Clerk for about two months. Previously, she held a number of clerical positions in various town departments.

But Selectman Jim Stanton said he was impressed by how much Sicard, a Norton resident, knew about Walpole and its government during her interviews with both the Town Clerk Screening Committee and with Selectmen. Stanton said Sicard had even attended the Fall Town Meeting in Walpole to see it in action first hand.

During her interview, Sicard also mentioned that she drove around to each polling place in Walpole to see their conditions.

Sicard offered several examples of technological improvements she has made to the Norton Town Clerk’s office, including upgrading the Town Clerk’s website, and offering more services online. Sicard also said that she had started many innovative programs in Norton, such as sending letters to all 18-year-olds on their birthdays, reminding them to register to vote and explaining the importance of elections, and operating a computer database to ensure all town board members comply with state-mandated regular ethics training. She said Norton currently maintains 100 percent compliance with the ethics training among town board members, and suggested that Walpole might be able to achieve the same with a similar database.

Assistant Foxborough Town Clerk Pamela Riccio also interviewed for the position but did not appear to impress the majority of the Selectmen as much as the other two candidates.

See details about each of the candidates here.


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