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Brady announces new appointments

July 13, 2015

New Walpole Town Moderator Thomas F. Brady announced Friday several new appointments to the Finance Committee, Capital Budget Committee, and Personnel Board.

The appointees are:

Finance Committee (fifteen members total)

Thomas Bowen (Former Finance Committee member, current RTM)
Paul Stasiukevicius (Former Finance Committee member, current RTM)
Kenneth Guyette (Current RTM)
John Vaillancourt (Current RTM)
Ronald Mariani (Former Selectman, former Finance Committee member)

They replace Carol Lane, Michael Iwanowicz, Timothy Williams, Ann Ragosta, and Ann Walsh, whose terms expired July 1.

Lane, the longest-serving current Finance Committee member, stepped down on a medical leave of absence.

Lane has served on the Finance Committee since 1985, when she was appointed by Moderator Bernie Duffy. She has been re-appointed by every Moderator since then.

Personnel Board (five members total)

Joseph Moraski (Current RTM, former Finance Committee member, former Personnel Board member)
Ann Ragosta (Current RTM, former Finance Committee member)

They replace William Ryan, whose term expired July 1, and fill an open seat left by Mary Campbell’s resignation prior to the election.

Capital Budget Committee (six members total plus a Finance Committee representative)

Donna Donnellan (Current RTM)
Samuel Obar (Current RTM)
Timothy Hempton (Current RTM and state rep. candidate, appointed to fill the vacancy on the committee left by Selectman Eric Kraus)

They replace William Abbott and John Spillane, whose terms expired July 1, and Kraus, who resigned upon his election to the Board of Selectmen.

In a statement, Brady said he appreciated all of the work that the outgoing members on all three committees have done. He also said he expects all ten of his new appointees to serve the town well and to maintain a strong community, including good schools.

Under the town charter, the Moderator appoints all members of the Finance Committee, Capital Budget Committee, and Personnel Board. All members serve three-year terms, unless they fill unexpired terms due to resignations.

Brady was elected in the June town election in a stunning landslide – winning all eight precincts – against former Selectman Chris Timson. Brady’s campaign literature touted his independence from entrenched political ideologies, and his intent to appoint a broad range of qualified individuals to oversee the town’s finances.

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  1. Gino S permalink
    July 16, 2015 9:13 AM

    Really shocked, Tom and his wife are good people. Sam, I guess political paybacks are ok when they work for you and “your machine”
    And I know your to spineless to print this

    • July 17, 2015 9:57 PM

      You come on to my blog and call me “spineless.” What about you? Who are you? What is your name and contact info.

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