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Snuffer elevated to chairman

June 15, 2015

Walpole Selectman Cliff Snuffer finally secured a prize he has been coveting for decades.

Snuffer became the chairman of the Board of Selectmen at the Board’s reorganizational meeting on Monday evening.

Snuffer, who is finishing up the last year of his second non-consecutive term as Selectman, has never held the board’s top post until now. However, during the 1990s, he served several eventful years as chairman of the Finance Committee, where he developed a reputation as a well-spoken budget hawk.

The Board voted unanimously to make Snuffer the chairman, with Jim Stanton making the motion, and Eric Kraus seconding it.

The Board also unanimously chose Stanton as its Vice Chair, and David Salvatore as Clerk.

With some exceptions over the years, the Clerk role traditionally goes to the newest member of the Board, while the chairmanship traditionally goes to the member with only one year left in their term.

Monday was also the first meeting for newly elected Selectmen Salvatore and Kraus. Salvatore is expected to lead on a number of significant issues, many of them budgetary in nature, during his tenure.

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