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Salvatore, Brady win

June 6, 2015

Full results here

17 percent of Walpole voters turned out today to send a clear message of change and reform, booting out incumbent Selectwoman Nancy Mackenzie, and electing a brand new face to the Moderator’s seat.

Conservative Precinct 4 Town Meeting Representative David Salvatore secured 1,681 votes town-wide in a stunning finish as the second highest vote-getter in a three-person field for two seats on the Board of Selectmen. Former Selectman Eric Kraus collected 1,804 votes to reclaim a seat on the Board, while Mackenzie did not make the cut to win re-election, with only 1,300 votes.

Kraus won five of eight precincts. Salvatore won the remaining three precincts, Precincts 1, 5, and 6. CORRECTED

Salvatore, a political newcomer with only three years of experience in Town Meeting and no other civic service, began his campaign in early April as a reluctant candidate with little name recognition even inside his Precinct 4 constituency. But Salvatore, using skills he honed during his childhood working for his father’s successful City Council campaigns in Providence, knocked on thousands of doors in every precinct, and relentlessly hammered a platform of fiscal conservatism and Town Hall reform.

Salvatore also developed a sophisticated campaign machine that included a downtown campaign headquarters and dozens of volunteers flooding neighborhoods with his campaign literature. As a result of his political apparatus, Salvatore had coattails down the ballot, helping Tom Brady to become Moderator, helping to elect one ardent conservative to the Sewer and Water Commission, and enabling fiscal conservatives to win additional seats in Town Meeting.

Brady scored 1,662 votes, and won all precincts, against Selectman Chris Timson who received 1,089 votes. Brady won every precinct.

Conservative Thomas Brown beat fellow conservative incumbent Ken Fettig to gain a seat on the powerful Sewer and Water Commission. During the campaign, Brown, who scored the most votes, 1,326 votes, criticized the Commission’s inattention to wasteful spending and wasted water.

Incumbent Pat Fasanello finished second, hauling in 1,198 votes, while challenger Ken Guyette finished just 12 votes behind, with 1,186 votes. Fettig came in last place, with 898 votes.

Challenger Liz Gaffey defeated Ed Forsberg.

The most extraordinary RTM win came in Precinct 8 where one conservative challenger – Victor Scena – secured a seat. In Precinct 4, challenger David Luongo won a seat, while former Selectman Bill Ryan lost re-election.

Former Selectman candidate Joe Monahan also won a RTM seat in Precinct 1, and 18-year-old Eagle Scout Ross Doty won a seat in Precinct 3 to become the youngest elected officeholder in Walpole history. State rep. candidate Tim Hempton won a seat in Precinct 1.

…this is a flash update…stay tuned to 180 for further election developments…

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