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Independent voice vs. partisan politician

June 4, 2015

This was submitted to 180 by a Town Meeting candidate.

It is a picture of Moderator candidate Chris Timson’s lawn, which has lawn signs for Eric Kraus and Nancy Mackenzie. In contrast, Timson’s opponent, Tom Brady, is not openly supporting any candidates in this year’s election.

Timson’s open endorsements of political candidates is a major departure away from past Moderators and current Moderator Jon Rockwood, who have often touted their independence as assets. Many voters believe that the Moderator, who appoints members to the Finance Committee, Capital Budget Committee, and Personnel Board, and also oversees Town Meeting, should be independent of any one political ideology or group. Current Moderator Jon Rockwood has often stressed that he believes himself to be politically neutral to allow him to objectively moderate Town Meeting.

The lawn signs on Timson’s lawn will negatively affect his election prospects Saturday, and are a major gaffe. The picture has been widely distributed and is being used as fodder by many Brady supporters. Timson may have inadvertently given Brady the opening that his campaign needs to finish the campaign strong. It will also help mobilize many fiscal conservatives, who may have been on the fence, to vote for Brady.

The picture and accompanying text is below:

“How ‘neutral’ can Timson be, if he is endorsing other candidates?”

How 'neutral' can Timson be if he is endorsing other candidates?

How ‘neutral’ can Timson be if he is endorsing other candidates?


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