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Endorsement for Selectman: David Salvatore

June 3, 2015

180’s endorsement for Selectman this year, which should not come as any surprise to most readers, is going to be very short. That is because there is no reason why David Salvatore should lose on Saturday.

Every voter in Walpole, especially those who favor a strong school system, should favor a fiscal conservative like Salvatore.

Being a fiscal conservative does not mean tearing down our school system or rejecting infrastructure investments. It means protecting taxpayer dollars while rooting out waste, inefficiencies, and mismanagement to ensure our best government services, like schools, are being well-funded at their maximum capacity. Conservatism also means building new facilities without having to constantly raise taxes – a win-win for everyone – and doing so in a frugal, responsible way.

Salvatore has identified specific ways to be more conservative with our town budget, such as reforming our unsustainable payroll, reforming our capital budget spending, pushing for expanded regionalization, and introducing zero-based budgeting to require every town department to justify every cent of its spending every year.

Why would anyone be opposed to that?

He also wants to streamline permitting and reduce red tape at the notoriously anti-business Town Hall, to take the pressure off residential taxpayers and bring in industry and economic development. He will be proactive on issues that affect businesses, like increasing our town’s liquor license quota. He wants to examine the zoning on Route 1 to simplify it and make it competitive with our neighboring communities.

Why would anyone be opposed to that?

He favors using our existing debt budget to frugally and responsibly pay for new municipal buildings without an override. He was a proponent of the Vaillancourt Plan at the Fall 2014 Town Meeting, later adapted by Selectmen, that funded a stand-alone police station without an override. Both of his opponents, along with all Selectmen, opposed that plan when it was first proposed. Why would any elected official openly oppose a plan to invest in our facilities without requiring a tax hike?

He is the only candidate for Selectman this year against imposing the Community Preservation Act property tax surcharge, which has been widely abused by other communities to pay for routine operating expenses, and takes more money out of your pocket by making an end-run around Proposition 2.5.

Salvatore has been a fighter against major threats to Walpole’s quality of life, like the proposed MBTA expansion through Walpole and the proposed cemetery on top of the aquifer on Route 1. He was the only candidate for Selectman who attended the Board of Health and Planning Board meetings involving the cemetery.

Why would anyone vote against a common sense choice like David Salvatore? Let’s join together and make our support UNANIMOUS for David Salvatore, FOR A BETTER WALPOLE.

If you believe that this community can do better, and you want strong schools and government services with responsible budgets, also consider voting for Ken Guyette and Tom Brown for Sewer and Water Commissioners; and for all of the fiscally conservative RTM candidates, who are running as challengers against incumbents in each of the eight precincts.

All of these candidates, if elected, will help Salvatore accomplish his goals as a Selectman.

See you at the polls SATURDAY JUNE 6. Everybody who reads this blog should VOTE!

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