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Full list of 2015 town election candidates

May 26, 2015

The election is Saturday, June 6. Here is what your ballot will look like:

MODERATOR (for one year) (vote for one):

Thomas F. Brady – 12 Misty Lane

Christopher G. Timson – 18 West Pine Drive

BOARD OF SELECTMEN (for three years) (vote for two):

Nancy S. Mackenzie (candidate for re-election) – 96 Pine Street

Eric A. Kraus – 19 Jorie Lane

David A. Salvatore – 66 Oak Street

ASSESSOR (for three years) (vote for one):

Edward F. O’Neil (candidate for re-election) – 7 Tremont Street

SEWER AND WATER COMMISSION (for three years) (vote for two):

Patrick J. Fasanello (candidate for re-election) – 23 Neal Street

Kenneth G. Fettig (candidate for re-election) – 234 Baker Street

Thomas J. Brown – 48 Granite Street

Kenneth E. Guyette – 35 Hitching Post Drive

SEWER AND WATER COMMISSION (for two years) (vote for one):

William F. Abbott – 694 West Street

James P. Taylor – 25 Broad Street

SCHOOL COMMITTEE (for three years) (vote for two):

Jennifer N. Geosits (candidate for re-election) – 140 Endean Drive

William J. Buckley, Jr. – 11 Cobb Terrace

LIBRARY TRUSTEES (for three years) (vote for two):

E. Hunt Bergen (candidate for re-election) – 11 Metacomet Street

Helen A. Connor (candidate for re-election) – 8 Cornfield Lane

PLANNING BOARD (for three years) (vote for one):

Edward C. Forsberg (candidate for re-election) – 360 High Street

Elizabeth A. Gaffey – 64 Morningside Drive

HOUSING AUTHORITY (for five years) (vote for one):

James F. Delaney (candidate for re-election) – 257 School Street


PRECINCT 1 (for three years) (vote for six):

Susan C. Cavicchi (candidate for re-election) – 24 Riverwalk Lane

Lawrence J. Pitman (candidate for re-election) – 44 Rhoades Avenue

David P. Smolinsky (candidate for re-election) – 72 Endean Drive

Tim Hempton – 47 Christina Drive

PRECINCT 1 (for one year) (vote for one):

Joseph J. Monahan – 315 Main Street

PRECINCT 2 (for three years) (vote for seven):

Ronald P. Ardine (candidate for re-election) – 12 Tanglewood Road

Mark J. Breen (candidate for re-election) – 14 Woodland Road

Susan Flynn Curtis (candidate for re-election) – 16 Lavender Lane

Alice Susan Lawson (candidate for re-election) – 35 Emerson Road

Paul E. Peckham (candidate for re-election) – 311 Moosehill Road

Judith A. Stanton (candidate for re-election) – 5 Park Lane

Ann E. Walsh (candidate for re-election) – 35 Sawmill Road

Sally E. Sauer – 15 Adrienne Road

PRECINCT 3 (for three years) (vote for seven):

Catherine Turco Abate (candidate for re-election) – 21 Diamond Street

Edward P. Damish (candidate for re-election) – 224 School Street

Janet M. Fasanello (candidate for re-election) – 23 Neal Street

Patrick J. Fasanello (candidate for re-election) – 23 Neal Street

John R. Fisher (candidate for re-election) – 6 Hartshorn Road

Susanne Murphy (candidate for re-election) – 4 Wisteria Drive

Ross A. Doty – 6 Alice Avenue

Daniel J. McDonald – 16 School Street

PRECINCT 3 (for two years) (vote for one):

Susan M. Masterson – 10 Hartshorn Place

PRECINCT 3 (for one year) (vote for one):

Robert D. O’Leary – 776 Washington Street

PRECINCT 4 (for three years) (vote for seven):

Richard W. Brown (candidate for re-election) – 40 Lewis Avenue

Susan H. Brown (candidate for re-election) – 40 Lewis Avenue

Josette M. Burke (candidate for re-election) – 94 South Street

Joseph M. Denneen (candidate for re-election) – 10 Brown Drive

John F. Robinson Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 17 Cascade Terrace

William P. Ryan (candidate for re-election) – 3 Spring Valley Drive

David A. Salvatore (candidate for re-election) – 66 Oak Street

David Luongo – 14 Oak Hill Drive

Edward J. Lynch, III – 25 Riverside Place

Mark E. Trudell – 15 Old Farm Road

PRECINCT 4 (for one year) (vote for one):

Deborah A. Driscoll – 16 Old Farm Road

PRECINCT 5 (for three years) (vote for six):

Jonathan S. Bourn (candidate for re-election) – 13 Cobble Knoll Drive

Dawn A. Freiberger (candidate for re-election) – 20 Concord Drive

William T. Hamilton (candidate for re-election) – 45 Eldor Drive

Joanne C. Mulligan (candidate for re-election) – 23 Butch Songin Circle

Harry E. Clow, Jr. – 11 Notch Road

Eric Samargedlis – 56 Beethoven Avenue

PRECINCT 5 (for one year) (vote for two):

(no candidates)

PRECINCT 6 (for three years) (vote for seven):

William F. Abbott (candidate for re-election) – 694 West Street

B.J. Burke (candidate for re-election) – 21 Conifer Drive

Jean L. Hogan (candidate for re-election) – 705 West Street

John C. Sheehan (candidate for re-election) – 8 Oriole Lane

John F. Sheppard (candidate for re-election) – 14 Huntington Avenue

Clifton K. Snuffer, III (candidate for re-election) – 23 Oak Street

John M. Spillane (candidate for re-election) – 833 West Street

Thomas J. Brown – 48 Granite Street

Francis X. Daly – 9 Pearl Street

Robert F. Donnellan – 32 Hitching Post Drive

PRECINCT 7 (for three years) (vote for seven):

Jane C. Bergen (candidate for re-election) – 11 Metacomet Street

Cheryl A. Caron (candidate for re-election) – 15 Dover Drive

Robert B. Damish (candidate for re-election) – 36A Pemberton Street

Edward C. Forsberg (candidate for re-election) – 360 High Street

Louis E. Hoegler (candidate for re-election) – 330 High Street

Paul E. Hoegler (candidate for re-election) – 323 High Street

Eric A. Kraus (candidate for re-election) – 19 Jorie Lane

Laura M. Garrity – 11 Elmcrest Circle

PRECINCT 8 (for three years) (vote for seven):

Emidio Divirgilio, Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 42 Woodruff Road

Mark E. Gallivan (candidate for re-election) – 11 Bridle Path

Nancy B. Gallivan (candidate for re-election) – 11 Bridle Path

Mary Ellen Gioioso (candidate for re-election) – 7 Filetto Way

Gerard R. Lane, Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 98 Bullard Street

James E. O’Neil (candidate for re-election) – 3 Foxhunt Trail

Nancy J. O’Neil (candidate for re-election) – 3 Foxhunt Trail

David A. Reavill – 6 Lois Drive

Victor H. Scena – 20 Homeward Lane

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