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Rockwood appointed 58 people

March 23, 2015

Town Moderator Jon Rockwood was first elected in 2004. He announced this month he will not run for re-election this year.

During his 11-year tenure, he appointed a total of 39 different individuals to the three committees that the Moderator appoints – Finance Committee, Capital Budget Committee, and Personnel Board. On top of that, he also re-appointed 19 people who had been appointed by previous Moderators (in most cases, those appointed by his immediate predecessor, Jim Brady.)

(Rockwood technically made 40 new appointments, but one of those, William Ryan, was appointed separately to the Capital Budget Committee and Personnel Board two different times.)

Here is an unofficial list compiled by 180 from Town Clerk records and Town Reports of all of the people he either appointed, or re-appointed.

This list does not include people who served on any of the three committees at the time Rockwood took over but who may not have been re-appointed by Rockwood or may never have even asked for re-appointment or resigned, thus not giving Rockwood a chance to specifically re-appoint them. Also, 180 makes no guarantee of completeness given potential gaps in town records, but every effort was made to compile a complete list.

* = re-appointment of a previous Moderator

Finance Committee
Carol Lane *
Thomas Bowen *
Ralph Knobel *
John W. Stadtler *
Thomas Jalkut *
Mary Ann Boragine *
Stephen F. Connell *
E. Stanley Kelliher *
James E. O’Neil *
Lynn Donovan *
John J. Carty
Steven M. Rose
Michael F. Barry
Kristin Morrison
Mark Gallivan
Mary Hickey
Mary Kent
Joanne Muti
Larry Pitman
Alice Susan Lawson
Josette Burke
Julie Lowre
Joseph M. Denneen
Daniel Bruce
Donna Dicenso
Dennis Crowley
Anne Healy
Mark Trudell
Ann Ragosta
Ann Walsh
Timothy Williams
Michael Iwanowicz
Patrick Hinton
Joseph McDermott
Paul Stasiukevicius
Deborah Burke
Sheila Ahmed

Capital Budget
Edward C. Forsberg *
Robert Connolly *
Mark Comiskey *
Joanne Wohler *
John “Jack” Dean
William Ryan
William Abbott
Elizabeth Gaffey
John M. Spillane
David Sullivan
Eric Kraus
Albert Tedesco

Personnel Board
Brian Davis *
Mary Campbell *
Phillip Hinds *
William Prescott “Scott” Golding *
Madeline Conroy *
Elizabeth “Betsy” Doak
Nancy McCabe
Albert DeNapoli
William Ryan
John Sheppard

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