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Shield to do Ice Bucket Challenge

January 10, 2015

Walpole School Committee Chairman Patrick Shield will do the Ice Bucket Challenge on Sunday, February 8, and hopes that Walpole residents will support him by donating to Compassionate Care ALS.

The Ice Bucket Challenge is an activity designed to promote awareness for the ALS disease. It is commonly credited to Pete Frates, a former BC baseball player, who came up with the idea of people pouring water over their heads and nominating others to either do the same within 24 hours or donate to ALS research. The activity went viral during the summer of 2014. The ALS Association raised more than $100 million during the summer of 2014, compared to just $2.8 million in the summer before.

Mr. Shield, who also works in State Sen. Jim Timilty’s office, chose to do the Ice Bucket Challenge in the winter, rather than the summer, to raise the stakes of dousing himself in cold water in freezing temperatures.

Mr. Shield will be doing the Ice Bucket Challenge for Compassionate Care ALS, which is a foundation that helps people who are living with ALS and their families. He appreciates any donations from members of the Walpole community through this website.

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