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Another year making an impact

December 31, 2014

Today marks the sixth anniversary of Sam Obar 180’s creation, on December 31, 2008!

At the time this blog started, President Obama was about to take office with Democratic majorities in the U.S. House and Senate, Keith Lewis was still a sports reporter for The Walpole Times, the worldwide “Great Recession” was in full swing, and Patrick Shield and Bill Buckley were little-known local college students (and I guess I should mention that I was a little-known high school student.)

Things have changed. And 180 has had a role in some of that change, thanks to you!

Thank you to everyone who has read the blog this year, and over the past six years. You all make this blog possible.

In those six years, 180 has published more than 450 articles.

Please let me know if there is anything you think 180 can improve on, or write about, in 2015.

Also, please keep in your thoughts all those we lost in 2014 who devoted many hours of their lives to making our community better.

Happy New Year. Best wishes for a great 2015. See you around town.

— Sam

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