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Comings and goings in big appointments

December 1, 2014

Update 12/2/13: David Sullivan is NOT moving to Maine, that was incorrect information from a Sewer & Water Commission meeting. Apologies for the error.

Former Walpole Selectman David Sullivan is moving to Maine, and he is leaving behind two key spots on major town committees.

Mr. Sullivan was an elected Town Meeting Rep. from Precinct 3, an elected Sewer and Water Commissioner, and an appointed member of Capital Budget Committee, Conservation Commission, Council on Aging, Ponds Committee, and Veterans Committee.

Under the Town Charter, his seat on Sewer and Water Commission had to be filled by a joint vote of Selectmen and his four Commission colleagues. Selectmen advertised the opening for only a few days, on the town website, and only one person applied, Bill Abbott.

Mr. Abbott, a member of Capital Budget Committee and RTM from Precinct 6, served on the Sewer and Water Commission from 1982 to 1991, and again from 1993 to 2004, according to the town website.

As the only applicant for the vacancy, he was formally appointed to fill the seat at a joint meeting of the Selectmen and Sewer and Water Commission last Monday.

He will still have to go through a special election for the seat in the June 2015 election, to fill the remaining two years of the term. Commissioners Pat Fasanello and Ken Fettig are also up for re-election in 2015.

Meanwhile, Moderator Jon Rockwood appointed Precinct 7 RTM Al Tedesco to fill the opening left by Mr. Sullivan on Capital Budget Committee. Mr. Tedesco, a RTM since 2013, is very intelligent and is not afraid to oppose unnecessary capital budget expenses. The capital budget is ripe for major reform.

Another vacancy on the Capital Budget Committee, left by Robert Connolly who is leaving town, was filled by former Selectman Eric Kraus.

Moderator Rockwood has a history of putting former Selectmen like Mr. Kraus on the committees that he appoints. In the past few years, he has appointed former Selectman Joe Denneen to the Finance Committee, former Selectmen William Ryan and Al DeNapoli to the Personnel Board, and Mr. Sullivan to the Capital Budget Committee.

Mr. Sullivan’s seats on the other committees that are appointed by Selectmen have not yet been filled. His RTM seat will be filled at a caucus of the other Precinct 3 RTMs at the May Town Meeting, and then will be filled in a special election next June.

In other appointment news, Moderator Rockwood appointed Precinct 3 RTM Ann Ragosta in October to replace Donna DiCenso, who relocated to another town. Moderator Rockwood also appointed Precinct 2 RTM Ann Walsh to fill the vacancy left by Sheila Ahmed, who resigned.

In other news related to the 2015 town election, candidates are already lining up to run for some town-wide offices. At this point, no candidates have formally announced, and plans could change. It would be irresponsible for 180 to publicly speculate on candidates for particular offices. Nomination papers will be available February 1.

Expect to see some candidates emerge from Town Meeting to run for various town-wide boards.

Who do you think should run?

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