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November 4, 2014

Walpole voters today rejected a $21 million Proposition 2.5 tax override by a decisive margin, delivering a big blow to a Town Hall that had overwhelmingly supported the plan and put the full brunt of their political will behind attempting to sell the plan to voters.

The override lost by a 55 to 45 percent margin, 1043 votes, town-wide.

It lost in all precincts except Precinct 4, home to the South Street Superfund site where the police station and senior center were proposed.

Turnout town-wide was 64 percent.

Selectmen chairman Mark Gallivan told The Walpole Times this evening that Selectmen would re-assess the building situation and would likely put another plan forward before voters in the town election in June.

Incumbent Rep. John Rogers beat challenger Tim Hempton in Walpole by 66 votes. Rep. Rogers also won Norwood. The Walpole Times has coverage of the State Rep. race here.


Override Results:

Precinct 1…
Yes: 514
No: 657

Precinct 2…
Yes: 636
No: 783

Precinct 3…
Yes: 615
No: 709

Precinct 4…
Yes: 683
No: 570

Precinct 5…
Yes: 522
No: 629

Precinct 6…
Yes: 553
No: 870

Precinct 7…
Yes: 590
No: 742

Precinct 8…
Yes: 594
No: 790

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  1. Anette Thomas permalink
    November 5, 2014 6:28 AM

    There is hope for this town. Finally the citizens realized they were being asked to sign a blank check for this project. Who asks people to support a project that doesn’t even have a definitive plan yet? When and if this comes before the citizens again, I hope they have their act together. What I don’t want to see, however, is a repeat of the library. If you get a no, there is a reason and you shouldn’t keep asking until you get the answer you are looking for. This sounds like a child asking one parent then the other and repeating the process until he/she gets what they want.

    There should be another mechanism to fund this project other on the backs of property owners whose pay does not increase but who are being asked to pay for more and more within the town – regardless of ‘needed’ the project is. How about the powers that be get together and try to find a solution that works for everyone!

  2. Wm. Sullivan permalink
    November 5, 2014 9:12 AM

    Your absolutely right. Why do the Selectmen not find the cost to tear down the existing fire station and double the footprint and go up two floors. The combined Police’/Fire facility should stay where it is for the good of the citizens and those passing thru our Town. It’s the ideal location and more importantly, we OWN the land and it is much safer than a tainted property. The Selectmen should take a big step backwards and not just propose another ballot question in June. Look for new ideas before trying to spend the taxpayers money. Why can’t it be done at the existing site. Can anyone answer this question. A combined facility would definitely be the best bang for the taxpayers buck. A police station on Robbins Rd or South St doesn’t make sense. Years ago the US Postal service wanted to build a new Police station at no cost to the Town but the offer was rejected by the BOS at that time. We missed the boat then and we still are missing the boat now. The voters saw thru this so called Super Fund debacle.

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