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Endorsement for State Rep, 12th Norfolk District: Tim Hempton

October 27, 2014

Our next governor, Charlie Baker, needs allies in the state legislature to help reform mismanaged state agencies, increase efficiency with our tax dollars, and to boost transparency and ethics across state government.

Suffice it to say, the incumbent representative in the 12th Norfolk District, Democrat John Rogers, has taken votes that leave much to be desired on many of these issues. The district can do better with a representative more in tune with the district. Local dentist Tim Hempton, a longtime resident of Walpole, fits the bill quite well.

Dr. Hempton, who runs his own practice in Dedham and also used to be a faculty member at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, has run a campaign in the mold of another local politician that 180 admires – Joe Monahan, who, as an upstart candidate, came within 300 votes of knocking off a supposedly “invincible” incumbent Selectman earlier this year. On the campaign trail, Dr. Hempton has echoed many of the same themes that gave Mr. Monahan so much traction in his own race. Voters are not happy with the direction the town, the state, and the country are going in. They want leaders who are receptive to their concerns, particularly about pocketbook issues. They crave government services that work well, without incompetence or inefficiencies. They are disappointed when government leaders fail them.

Dr. Hempton, like Mr. Baker, has pointed to several specific areas where the state government can manage our tax dollars better. He wants to see the state reduce welfare fraud, stop spending money on excessive state office renovations, reduce state employees and salaries, and push for better oversight of state agencies such as the state crime lab that ended up costing taxpayers millions of dollars after a scandal in 2012. While reducing these costs, Dr. Hempton wants to see more money directed to local aid and education, to reduce the property tax burden in our cities and towns.

Unlike the incumbent, Dr. Hempton also favors more transparency in our famously secretive state legislature. Simple things, such as ending the legislature’s exemption to the Open Meeting Law and the public records law, and publishing all committee votes online can go a long way toward making government more accountable to the people.

As a business owner himself, Dr. Hempton has proposed common sense ideas to make it easier for businesses to survive in our state’s notoriously bad business climate. He has proposed specific ideas for growing jobs, such as an interesting proposal to revamp the state’s regulations on freelancers.

Dr. Hempton has campaigned hard across the district, cutting into Rep. Rogers’ base in Norwood and building on the support that Walpole Republican Jim Stanton received when he ran against Rep. Rogers in 2010 and 2012. Even though he is running against an incumbent with a lot of bad history, Dr. Hempton has run a positive campaign focused on the issues and has vowed not to go negative, no matter how bitter the race becomes. He has worked hard to earn the support of the district’s residents, and has taken the time to understand the issues that people care about.

Who do you trust more to serve your interests on Beacon Hill – a dentist or a career politician? It is time to elect Tim Hempton as the district’s next State Representative.

(The 12th Norfolk District consists of all of Norwood, and precincts 1, 2, 6, and 7 in Walpole.)

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