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Boynton likely to leave

June 5, 2014

Last night, the Medway Board of Selectmen voted to offer the Medway Town Administrator job to Michael Boynton.

Though Boynton still has to formally accept the offer, Boynton said during the interview process that he would take the job if offered it. However, Medway Selectmen still have to negotiate a compensation package with Boynton; if they are unable to come up with acceptable terms, Boynton could still back out.

Meanwhile, the speculation mill has begun as to who might replace Boynton for the town’s top leadership position. Among the people being seen as potentially interested are Assistant Town Administrator Jim Johnson, DPW Director Robert O’Brien, and outgoing Selectman Michael Berry. The upcoming town election, just a few days away, will help determine who will be on the Board of Selectmen and will get to be part of the process of hiring a new Town Administrator.

Per the town charter, the Town Administrator must have at least a bachelor’s degree in an area related to public administration, and full-time experience in public or business administration. Then again, the charter does not matter and Selectmen would technically be able to hire anybody they want, barring a charter change.

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