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Full list of 2014 town election candidates

June 3, 2014

The election is Saturday, June 7. Here is what your ballot will look like:

MODERATOR (for one year) (vote for one):

Jon W. Rockwood, Sr. (candidate for re-election) – 15 Pelican Drive

Thomas F. Brady – 12 Misty Lane

BOARD OF SELECTMEN (for three years) (vote for one):

Mark E. Gallivan (candidate for re-election) – 11 Bridle Path

Joseph J. Monahan – 315 Main Street

BOARD OF SELECTMEN (for two years) (vote for one):

Alice Susan Lawson – 35 Emerson Road

James M. Stanton – 5 Park Lane

ASSESSOR (for three years) (vote for one):

John R. Fisher (candidate for re-election) – 6 Hartshorn Road

SEWER AND WATER (for three years) (vote for two):

James P. Taylor (candidate for re-election) – 25 Broad Street

Roger F. Turner, Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 4 Mill Pond Road

David M. Sullivan -14 Hanson Avenue

SCHOOL COMMITTEE (for three years) (vote for two):

Susan Flynn Curtis (candidate for re-election) – 16 Lavender Lane

Beth G. Muccini – 20 Bridle Path

John C. Sheehan – 8 Oriole Lane

LIBRARY TRUSTEES (for three years) (vote for two):

David J. Wildnauer (candidate for re-election) – 42 Plimpton Street

Robert B. Damish – 36A Pemberton Street

PLANNING BOARD (for three years) (vote for two):

John Conroy (candidate for re-election) – 455 Elm Street

John J. Murtagh (candidate for re-election) – 7 Nottingham Way

Elizabeth A. Gaffey – 64 Morningside Drive

HOUSING AUTHORITY (for five years) (vote for one):



PRECINCT 1 (for three years) (vote for seven):

Darren W. Hasenjaeger (candidate for re-election) – 27 Pinnacle Drive

John T. Hasenjaeger (candidate for re-election) – 23 Pinnacle Drive

Eric J. Hurwitz (candidate for re-election) – 12 Hoover Road

Marilyn A. Kelland (candidate for re-election) – 57 Pleasant Street

David F. Lehto (candidate for re-election) – 15 Congress Street

Jillian D. Morley (candidate for re-election) – 31 Hoover Road

John A. Leith – 80 Union Street

PRECINCT 2 (for three years) (vote for six):

James A. Capelletti (candidate for re-election) – 7 Edward Drive

Thomas F. Coyne III (candidate for re-election) – 3 Edward Drive

Ellen H. Nadeau (candidate for re-election) – 16 Guernsey Lane

Jeffrey M. Padell (candidate for re-election) – 6 Sandra Road

Jennifer J. Tashjian (candidate for re-election) – 31 Daylily Lane

Valerie Khouri – 8 Hampton Court

Thomas M. Mello – 3 Orchard Drive

PRECINCT 3 (for three years) (vote for six):

Amy L. Anglin (candidate for re-election) – 22 Field Drive

Patrick J. Hinton (candidate for re-election) – 4 Country Club Drive

Betsy Mullen (candidate for re-election) – 21 Neal Street

Michael Viano (candidate for re-election) – 2 Norton Avenue

Philip A. Wild (candidate for re-election) – 38 Peach Street

Ronald E. Mariani – 11 Rockwood Street

Susan M. Masterson – 10 Hartshorn Place

Martha M. Ryan – 3 Juniper Circle

Mark F. Sullivan – 230 School Street

PRECINCT 4 (for three years) (vote for five):

Mary E. Campbell (candidate for re-election) – 1088 Main Street

William M. Carroll (candidate for re-election) – 10 Prospect Street

Elizabeth A. Gaffey (candidate for re-election) – 64 Morningside Drive

Fiona C. Murphy (candidate for re-election) – 11 Brush Hill Way

Mary H. Murphy (candidate for re-election) – 29 Irving Drive

Mark E. Trudell (candidate for re-election) – 15 Old Farm Road

David L. Eures – 4 Brown Drive

Anita T. Waite – 3 Brown Drive

PRECINCT 5 (for three years) (vote for five):

Craig C. Dalton (candidate for re-election) – 477 Summer Street

Kathleen M. Garvin (candidate for re-election) – 8 Warwick Road

John J. Murtagh (candidate for re-election) – 7 Nottingham Way

Peter F. Drogan – 7 Wildwood Lane

Kenneth D. Southwood – 4 Neponset Street

Joseph A. Wyman – 7 Overlea Road

PRECINCT 5 (for one year) (vote for two):

Jonathan S. Bourn – 13 Cobble Knoll Drive

Daniel D. McMackin – 324 Winter Street

PRECINCT 6 (for three years) (vote for six):

Thomas J. Bowen, Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 8 Granite Street

Daniel F. Bruce (candidate for re-election) – 3 Birch Street

Kenneth E. Guyette (candidate for re-election) – 35 Hitching Post Drive

Marcie W. Handler (candidate for re-election) – 55 Granite Street

Sally W. Rose (candidate for re-election) – 78 Granite Street

Peter M. Scott (candidate for re-election) – 75 Audubon Drive

Eric J. Skogseth – 16 Garfield Street

PRECINCT 6 (for two years) (vote for one):

Donna M. Donnellan – 32 Hitching Post Drive

PRECINCT 7 (for three years) (vote for six):

Anthony J. Abril, Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 16 Ridge Road

Robert J. Buckley (candidate for re-election) – 11 Cobb Terrace

Diane M. Culhane (candidate for re-election) – 6 John Turco Drive

Philip F. Czacharowski (candidate for re-election) – 90 Pemberton Street

Richard A. Nottebart (candidate for re-election) – 187 Gould Street

Philip R. Dubois – 18 Mill Pond Road

Laura M. Garrity – 11 Elmcrest Circle

Michele A. Markatos – 28 Heritage Drive

Richard L. Pilla – 4 Berkeley Drive

PRECINCT 8 (for three years) (vote for seven):

Richard P. Guisti (candidate for re-election) – 66 Gould Street

James F. Kelliher (candidate for re-election) – 7 Bittersweet Lane

Carol A. Lane (candidate for re-election) – 96 Bullard Street

David Melish (candidate for re-election) – 295 Bullard Street

Joseph C. Moraski (candidate for re-election) – 3 Buckboard Drive

Brian J. Connor – 8 Cornfield Lane

Christie A. Maciejewski – 8 Independence Drive

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