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Endorsement for Moderator: Neutral

June 2, 2014

Today, 180 begins rolling out its annual town election endorsements. Today’s endorsement is in the Moderator race, check back here Wednesday for our endorsements in the Selectmen races. 180 will not issue endorsements in the Sewer and Water, Planning Board, or School Committee races.

180 respects both of the candidates in this race – Tom Brady and Jon Rockwood.

On paper, both candidates are virtually the same – they are lifelong Walpoleans, they married their respective high school sweethearts, and now they own local law practices while raising their own families through the local schools. Both men have very solid resumes and will do well in this position.

However, out of respect for both candidates, who have each been supportive of 180 over the years in their own ways, 180 will not issue any endorsement.

That said, 180 will probably end up supporting Brady, joining what appears to be an impressive bipartisan coalition that is backing his candidacy looking for a new face after 10 years of the same person holding the Moderator’s seat – too long for one person to hold such a powerful post.

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