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Timson on OPEB

May 3, 2014

During his campaign for state representative in 2014, Selectman Chris Timson publicly took credit for advocating as a Selectman for an annual line item in the town budget to help pay down the town’s $84 million OPEB liability.

In the video below, released during his campaign, Timson noted how other governments, such as Detroit, have gone bankrupt attempting to pay for the promises they made to retirees. In the video, he also suggests that major changes in benefits are needed as well (something that most people agree is necessary.)

It is interesting that during his campaign for higher office, Timson was so adamant about the need to address our OPEB obligations, yet as a Selectman he voted favorable action on an article coming up at next week’s Spring Town Meeting to postpone a $300,000 OPEB payment to instead put this money toward the school department’s budget shortfall.

Timson is also a Town Meeting Representative.

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