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Walpole payroll shows major increases

April 2, 2014

More than 130 Walpole town employees earned more than $90,000 last year, and almost 40 percent of those, or 51 employees, earned more than $100,000, according to a new analysis prepared by 180.

The analysis shows that the number of town employees earning more than $100,000 rose from 42 in 2012, to 51 in 2013. In 2009, the number of employees earning that much was only 30.

The town’s total payroll rose from $45.9 million in 2012, to $49.9 million in 2013, larger than any increase in the four years before. The bulk of that increase can be attributed to the town employees added from the $3 million property tax override approved by voters in June 2012.

Both the 2012 and 2013 town payrolls are now freely available on the internet in downloadable Excel format, for the first time ever, at 180’s exclusive Walpole Spending webpage here. The job titles of every town employee who earned more than $80,000 are also shown, along with their 2012 salary for comparisons.

Other tidbits about the 2013 town payroll:

School Superintendent Lincoln Lynch’s total gross salary of $166,963.64 was the third-highest salary on the town payroll, behind two police officers. Lynch’s gross salary in 2012 was almost $10,000 lower – at $157,236.36. His 2013 compensation includes a $600 monthly vehicle allowance, $300 per month for other expenses, along with a cell phone.

Police Sergeant Martin McDonagh has been the highest-paid town employee every year since 2010. In 2013, he more than doubled his base salary of $70,266.98, hauling in a total gross pay of $175,913.40. Like most other police officers, he was able to do this by working police details and earning overtime.

The town of Walpole spent more than $1.6 million on overtime in 2013, and about $3 million on stipends and other compensation. Overtime costs are actually down significantly from 2012, when the town spent $3.9 million on overtime. The town spent about $2.4 million in 2012 on stipends and other compensation.

Walpole Police Chief Richard Stillman earned $160,673 in 2013, up from $156,959.66 in 2012.

Walpole Town Administrator Michael Boynton earned $142,147.25 in 2013, up from $139,241.60 in 2012.

19 police officers earned more than $100,000 in gross pay in 2013. That is almost half of the entire police force.

54 school employees earned more than $90,000 in 2013. A total of 20 of those earned more than $100,000, primarily administrators. That is up from 21 school employees who earned more than $90,000 in 2012.

Many classroom teachers received raises of almost $5,000 between 2012 and 2013.

Historical Comparisons

2009 – 92 town employees earned more than $80,000
2010 – 106 town employees earned more than $80,000
2011 – 154 town employees earned more than $80,000
2012 – 157 town employees earned more than $80,000 (89 were school employees)
2013 – 250 town employees earned more than $80,000 (177 were school employees)
(big jump between 2012 and 2013!)

There are about 550 school employees in Walpole. With 177 of them receiving more than $80,000, that represents about 30 percent of the workforce or so. What will this be in two or three years?

In 2013, there were 36 school employees who earned between $75,000 and $80,000, most of whom will likely be above $80,000 this year. That means that within the next two years, almost 40 percent of Walpole school employees will receive $80,000 or more.

Feel free to comment on this article with any other observations about the data.

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  1. annonie mouse permalink
    April 2, 2014 8:55 PM

    This is great, Sam. What boils my blood is that TWO WHS Department Heads earned over 100,000! are you kidding me? Both of these TWO department chairs are probably in their mid-40’s – English and Foreign Lang Dept. Must be nice, they make MORE MONEY than their private sector mid-40’s neighbors! Not saying that they do or do not deserve it, but really – they make PLENTY. Thank you again for posting this important information, you are awesome.

  2. annonie mouse permalink
    April 3, 2014 9:40 PM

    Sam, While looking further into WHS English Dept Chair and Foreign Lang Dept Chair salaries, they BOTH received $6,000 raises from from 2012 to 2013. That is SEVEN percent raise. Really? 7%? I’m too angry to do more mathematical calculations, but I’m assuming all teachers got 7% raises? Public Service Announcement: Corporate America does NOT give 7% raises, unless you get a big promotion! The average salary increase is either nothing at all or maybe 3%… because you know, us corporate America drones have been laid off and have had to deal with spending freezes that means no raises! I’m so sick and tired of these VERY WELL PAID TEACHERS complaining that they aren’t paid enough, when in fact they are probably overpaid… Tompkins banks over 90 grand a year, for what? Watching us run around during gym? (cool dude, though!).

  3. JimmyOlson permalink
    April 8, 2014 9:47 PM

    Sam, great work bringing to light the wasteful spending of our local government! Dr. Lynch has a great gig – a car, a cellphone and “other expenses” – totally roughly $1k/month. I’m not sure what’s worse…Lynch’s great gig or the fact only a few years ago citizens were strong-armed into voting for an override under the false pretense that school class sizes would grow larger and/or teachers would be pink slipped. Looks like some of that $3 million town coffers has filtered back to nice salary increases for town employees.

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