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Murphy will recuse herself

March 10, 2014

180 has learned from a very reliable source that Walpole ZBA Chairwoman Susanne Murphy will recuse herself from now on, from any discussion related to Barberry Homes’ proposed 40B development on Moose Hill Road.

Murphy is a cousin of David Carter, the president of Barberry.

Her decision to recuse herself comes less than a week after facing criticism from residents at last week’s ZBA meeting for her failure to disclose the relationship publicly and her unwillingness to recuse herself up until now.

By law, she is required to disclose this relationship only to her appointing authority, the Board of Selectmen, in writing, which she did on January 9. She is still permitted to vote on any matters related to the application.

At last week’s ZBA meeting, Murphy told residents that she rarely speaks to her cousin and hasn’t “seen him in years.” She also said she had not known, until last week, what specific position Carter held at Barberry, only knowing that he was an employee of the company.

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