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WCTV election moved to September

January 9, 2014

The Walpole Community Television Board of Directors, which has been under fire during the past year, voted to move its annual board election to September, changing it from the third Wednesday in January as is required in their bylaws.

The Board posted a notice on their website this week stating that “in accordance with Article XVI of its by-laws, on December 27, 2013, the Board of Directors of Walpole Community Television, Inc. voted to change the date of the annual membership meeting, in Article VIII of said by-laws, from the third Wednesday of January to the third Wednesday of September. Accordingly, the 2014 annual membership meeting of Walpole Community Television, Inc. will be held on Wednesday, September 17, 2014.”

The organization’s bylaws require an annual meeting, open to all town cable subscribers, on the third Wednesday in January each year (180 incorrectly reported last year that this provision was not in their bylaws). However, Article XVI of their bylaws allows any other bylaw to be amended with a simple majority vote of the Board.

There also seems to be a conflicting bylaw that states that all Board members must be nominated by a member of the Board. This is contrary to the Board’s practice in the past of allowing any cable subscriber to run for the board, without nomination by the Board itself, in the annual meeting.

The Board currently has only four members after Kathy Hasenjaeger resigned last November.

Per the bylaws, the Board is divided into two different classes as close to equal in number as possible, with one of those classes serving one-year terms and the other class serving two-year terms. Both of those classes would have had their terms expire in 2014. The bylaws also allow the Board to expand to up to nine members. The Board must have no fewer than five members.

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