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Slow news summer

September 16, 2013

I would like to apologize to my loyal readers for the inactivity on this blog. It has been a very slow news summer, coupled with me being busier than I thought with other activities.

I ended up getting overwhelmed with several long-term research projects for this blog that I had been hoping to finish quickly, but they unfortunately turned out to be bigger, more time-consuming projects than I thought.

One of a blogger’s worst nightmares is an inactive blog. When a blog is not updated frequently, readers lose interest and it takes time to rebuild that readership. I am grateful for all of the great 180 readers, because they are loyal, and my readership stats have not shown any significant decline. Thank you for being patient. I know that I have not updated as frequently as I have in the past. The only explanation is that, amazingly, I simply had nothing to write about. That appears to be changing now.

I am looking forward to my first Town Meeting in October, and I intend to have more articles on 180 in the coming weeks, several of which are in the process of being written right now (though, I have no timetables.) I also plan to present a resolution at Town Meeting, and I am hoping for input from 180 readers. Please check back frequently.

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