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Security cameras won’t be installed before school starts

August 20, 2013

Security cameras will not be installed inside any Walpole schools by the time school starts next month, officials have confirmed to 180.

The public bidding process for the installation of the cameras has been halted for the time being because of what School Business Manager Michael Friscia says boils down to a need for more information.

“The original bid was suspended in order for both sides to gather more information and provide the vendors that are interested in bidding with more specific information,” Friscia said.

“Once we have the additional information we need, we will go out to bid once again. The cameras will not be installed before the start of school given the time it takes for the bid process from start to finish,” Friscia said.

The public bidding process includes both school department cameras, and municipal cameras, meaning that municipal security cameras will not be installed before the school year starts, either.

In May, Town Meeting approved the purchase and installation of security cameras in municipal buildings and inside every school.

A non-binding resolution passed by Town Meeting at the same time required that school and municipal officials enact regulations regarding the use of the cameras before they are installed. Selectmen and the School Committee have both passed regulations pursuant to that resolution.

School starts on September 3.

(The regulations seem to give way too much control to non-law enforcement, such as the Town Administrator and School Superintendent, in the use of the cameras.)

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