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Full list of 2013 town election candidates

May 24, 2013

The deadline to finalize and print the ballot has passed, and we now have a firm list of who will be running for every town office on the ballot from Moderator to Town Meeting Reps. See below for the list of all candidates, in the order they will appear on the ballot. There will also be no ballot questions, for the first time since 2005. The election is Saturday, June 1.

MODERATOR (for one year) (vote for one):

Jon W. Rockwood, Sr. (candidate for re-election) – 15 Pelican Drive

BOARD OF SELECTMEN (for three years) (vote for two):

Michael C. Berry (candidate for re-election) – 224 School Street

William T. Hamilton – 45 Eldor Drive

Clifton K. Snuffer, Jr. – 15 Hummingbird Lane

ASSESSOR (for three years) (vote for one):

John M. O’Connor (candidate for re-election) – 2 Adrienne Road

SEWER & WATER (for three years) (vote for one):

Thomas J. Brown – 48 Granite Street

John M. Spillane – 833 West Street

SCHOOL COMMITTEE (for three years) (vote for three):

Mark J. Breen (candidate for re-election) – 14 Woodland Road

Nancy B. Gallivan (candidate for re-election) – 11 Bridle Path

Michael J. Ryan (candidate for re-election) – 80 Millbrook Avenue

John C. Sheehan – 8 Oriole Lane

LIBRARY TRUSTEE (for three years) (vote for one):


PLANNING BOARD (for three years) (vote for two):

Richard P. Mazzocca (candidate for re-election) – 7 Harrison Avenue

Richard A. Nottebart (candidate for re-election) – 187 Gould Street

HOUSING AUTHORITY (for five years) (vote for one):

Joseph F. Doyle, Jr. – 5 Cobb Terrace


PRECINCT 1 (for three years) (vote for five):

Danielle A. Aikens (candidate for re-election) – 209 Pleasant Street

Jennifer Lynn McAndrew (candidate for re-election) – 114 Pleasant Street

Eric Shelton Westgate (candidate for re-election) – 63 Anderson Way

Robert J. Gay – 9 Puritan Place

Paul D. McDonough – 60 Rhoades Avenue

Daniel J. Ryan – 24 Hoover Road

PRECINCT 1 (for one year) (vote for one):

Eric J. Hurwitz – 12 Hoover Road

PRECINCT 2 (for three years) (vote for six):

James F. Collins, Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 3 Massasoit Circle

Barbara Z. Gallivan (candidate for re-election) – 15 Tanglewood Road

John W. Lombardi (candidate for re-election) – 91 Coney Street

Damon I. Rainie (candidate for re-election) – 61 Polley Lane

Clifton K. Snuffer, Jr. – 15 Hummingbird Lane

PRECINCT 3 (for three years) (vote for six):

Michael McGrath (candidate for re-election) – 873 Washington Street

John M. O’Leary (candidate for re-election) – 776 Washington Street

Maureen Martin Smith (candidate for re-election) – 196 Baker Street

David M. Sullivan (candidate for re-election) – 14 Hanson Avenue

P. Gregg Teixeira (candidate for re-election) – 422 Stone Street

Russell E. Jones – 735 Washington Street

Robert D. O’Leary – 776 Washington Street

Ann M. Ragosta – 38 Forsythia Drive

PRECINCT 3 (for two years) (vote for one):

John R. Fisher – 6 Hartshorn Road

PRECINCT 4 (for three years) (vote for seven):

Thomas A. Driscoll (candidate for re-election) – 16 Old Farm Road

Steven J. Hendricks (candidate for re-election) – 1231 Washington Street

Christopher R. Donovan – 25 Oak Hill Drive

Sean M. Ford – 8 Oak Hill Drive

Samuel D. Obar – 19 Lewis Avenue

PRECINCT 5 (for three years) (vote for eight):

Barbara J. Coates (candidate for re-election) – 82 Winter Street

Roland F. Cunniff Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 935 South Street

Bernard J. Goba (candidate for re-election) – 1871 Washington Street

Richard P. Mazzocca (candidate for re-election) – 7 Harrison Avenue

Bruce H. Norwell IV (candidate for re-election) – 19 Concord Drive

Paul J. Stasiukevicius (candidate for re-election) – 6 West Pine Drive

James B. Pellegrine – 1451 Washington Street

PRECINCT 6 (for three years) (vote for six):

William F. Finucane Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 7 Chandler Avenue

Matthew P. Landry (candidate for re-election) – 162 Clear Pond Drive

Patrick D. Shield (candidate for re-election) – 949 West Street

Mark F. Sullivan (candidate for re-election) – 28 Clarkson Drive

James P. Taylor (candidate for re-election) – 25 Broad Street

PRECINCT 6 (for two years) (vote for one):

Clifton K. Snuffer, III – 23 Oak Street

PRECINCT 7 (for three years) (vote for five):

Gerald F. Blair (candidate for re-election) – 46 Heritage Drive

William J. Buckley Jr. (candidate for re-election) – 11 Cobb Terrace

David A. Clark (candidate for re-election) – 14 Fern Drive

Philip R. Dubois (candidate for re-election) – 18 Mill Pond Road

Patricia A. MacConnell (candidate for re-election) – 9 Rose Marie Lane

Michele A. Markatos (candidate for re-election) – 28 Heritage Drive

Albert A. Tedesco – 221 North Street

PRECINCT 8 (for three years) (vote for five):

Paul G. English (candidate for re-election) – 32 Bullard Street

Kathleen Foley Greulich (candidate for re-election) – 5 Homeward Lane

Susan S. Maynard (candidate for re-election) – 8 Tetreault Drive

Beth G. Muccini (candidate for re-election) – 20 Bridle Path

Susan M. Spendley (candidate for re-election) – 15 New Fisher Lane

John W. Stadtler (candidate for re-election) – 1080 North Street

Robert G. Luce, Jr. – 201 Fisher Street

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