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180 looks onward to 2013

December 31, 2012

Today, the last day of 2012, marks the end of four great years of Sam Obar 180.

Every year around this time, I take some time to thank the people who have supported me and who have read this blog over the past year and over all the years.

This year, I should also thank the people who read my tweets, which seem to have taken on a life of their own and in some respects have become more popular than the blog itself. I’d like to thank my friends who follow me on Twitter and who are subjected to my endless political tweets but who have not (yet) unfollowed me. I also enjoy following others on Twitter, and learn a lot about our town that way.

The year 2012 has been quite interesting from a political standpoint, with a contentious town election that included an override referendum, a controversial Special Town Meeting, a very big national election in November, and many incidents and political controversies in between. It’s been a lot of fun.

But I am humbled by the number of mentors and other people who have supported me along the way and who have never been afraid to let me know where I stray or what I could improve on. Also, I am grateful for the people who silently read my blog who never even contact me or otherwise interact with me but who read it all the same, often religiously – I probably don’t know you and have never met you but thank you.

I also want to once again, for the umpteenth time, thank Tom Glynn, the editor of, for singlehandedly boosting 180 to the credibility it has now. If he had not taken a chance on me, and posted a link for his readers to my blog back in 2009, 180 would most certainly not be where it is now.

I also want to thank Walpole Times editor Keith Ferguson for standing by me and for his ongoing support this year. He is an incredibly tough and demanding editor (despite what some people say) and he has taught me a lot. I consider Keith a good friend.

I have made my share of mistakes over the years, and this blog has been a learning experience from day one. I surely will make many more mistakes in the coming year. But for those who have stood with me, through thick and thin, this is a sincere thank you.

See you around town in 2013.

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  1. Jim Stanton permalink
    December 31, 2012 9:07 PM

    Happy New Year, Sam. I have enjoyed reading your columns this year and look forward to what you have to say in 2013.

    Jim Stanton

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