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Ryan appointed to Personnel Board

November 28, 2012

Walpole Town Moderator Jon Rockwood has appointed former Walpole Selectman Bill Ryan to the Walpole Personnel Board to fill the vacancy left with the recent departure of Nancy McCabe.

The remaining members of the board are Phil Hinds, Mary Campbell, Brian Davis, and John Sheppard.

Rockwood said the suggestion to appoint Ryan came from one of the Board’s existing members.

“I thought he would make an excellent choice, and he was willing to serve, so I appointed him,” Rockwood said.

Other residents like Russell Jones and Christopher Donovan have told 180 they are also interested in serving on that board. Another vacancy is rumored to be occurring soon.

“Others have expressed interest in serving on the board when another opening occurs, and some other names of people have been suggested to me,” Rockwood said. “If a spot opens up before next June for some reason, I will deal with that. Otherwise, come next June, I will consider the makeup of the board, whose term is up, who, if anyone is still interested in becoming a member, etc., and go from there.”

The Personnel Board is one of three town boards, along with the Finance Committee and Capital Budget Committee, that the Town Moderator, under the town charter, has the sole authority to appoint members to. All three of those boards are very influential in town fiscal affairs, and have been under fire in recent years in some circles for rubber stamping unsustainable spending at Town Hall. Appointments to those boards often offer a good indication of the direction the town will be going in financially. Unfortunately, Ryan’s appointment isn’t exactly a conservative coup.

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