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WalpoleWords will return soon

September 17, 2012

The Raven can come out of his nest now.

Perhaps disappointing to some, WalpoleWords, the online forum where grown adults (or children, it’s often hard to tell) routinely attack and disparage others, criticize people with solutions to our town’s problems, and perpetuate myths and inaccuracies, all under the cloak of anonymity, will return soon according to webmaster Tom Glynn. The website has been down for almost a month because of a virus.

Glynn posted an update on the homepage of, the site where WalpoleWords is based, yesterday afternoon.

In an email to 180, Glynn said repairing the website involved working with “the WalpoleWords IT guy” as well as “our internet service provider and the bulletin board provider.” The bulletin board (forum) provider is vBulletin.

“It took a while to get everything lined up and to determine the extent of the damage,” Glynn said. “We’ve finally been able to move from assessment to repairs.”

“I’m hoping WalpoleWords will be back in a week,” Glynn said.

Several current and former town officials, board members, and employees are known to frequent the site or post on the site often. Members of the local media often have fun attempting to identify people who post on the site by piecing together subtle clues.

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