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Town Hall is in the Christmas spirit

September 9, 2012

Here is a comprehensive list of the revenue Town Hall has received this year, while town officials simultaneously claim we have a revenue problem:

$360,000 in “unanticipated” additional state aid for FY 2013

$500,000 + in unspent prison mitigation pork from FY 2012

$750,000 in prison mitigation pork for FY 2013

$3.9 million in certified free cash

$1 million + in surplus money from new library project

$200,000 in donation for town field renovation

$200,000 + from expected sale of the old library

$200,000 + in newly discovered lunch service and Special Education transportation efficiencies in the school department

$100,000 + in one-time unanticipated revenue from permit fees

$TBD from recently announced move to regionalize Walpole Veteran’s Services.

$3 million from permanent Proposition 2.5 property tax override

TOTAL = $10,210,000 +

“There is no such thing as government money, there is only taxpayers’ money.” — Former Mass. Governor Bill Weld

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