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Override wins, override supporters sweep

June 2, 2012

This post is going to be updated as more numbers come in.

Doug Gwyn once said “truth is not determined by majority vote.”

Indeed, the June 2 election results made that clear in Walpole.

The proposed $3 million Proposition 2.5 override, intended to prop up a broken town spending system, won tonight by 307 votes. There were 200 blanks. (UPDATE: The Walpole Times is now reporting that local politico Jimmy Taylor may seek a recount on the override vote.)

On the coattails of the override victory, incumbent Selectmen Nancy Mackenzie and Chris Timson, both override supporters, were re-elected. Override supporters were elected to the three open School Committee seats, with the lone override opponent in the race, Christine Coury, losing for the second year in a row.

Obviously, as Gwyn has so eloquently pointed out, the fight for an end to unsustainable spending is not over.

Those of us who voted “no” to the override should remain committed to our beliefs because there is nothing wrong with where we stood on this issue.

The wonderful concept behind Proposition 2.5 is that it allows the voters to have a direct vote on whether to increase their taxes – a privilege that voters in many other states and nations don’t have. The voters spoke, and the decision has been heard loud and clear. This was a great victory for the democratic process.

Congratulations to the override supporters on a hard-fought victory. You did it. Your organizational ability and the way that you mobilized voters with an all-out effort through Walpole Pride was impressive and should serve as a model for future political campaigns in this town.

To the losing candidates in this election: please come back and run again next year or again in the future. Your spirit and dedication has been tremendous.

Turnout: 46 percent

School Committee: 1-year term: Breen 51% Sheehan 47%

School Committee: Shield 41% Geosits 31% Coury 27%

Selectmen: Timson 27% Mackenzie 25% Luce 15% Donovan 12% Hamilton 12% Jones 6%

OVERRIDE: Yes: 52%; No: 47%

180 does not have the RTM election results yet.


The Town Clerk has now posted the results for Town Meeting Representatives. (pdf file)

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    June 2, 2012 9:28 PM

    Do you happen to have all election results? Like town committee members, etc.? Thanks for posting the override info, etc.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    June 2, 2012 9:40 PM

    I will be filing for an abatement. Oh and no more fundraising for the school either, they should have gotten more then they needed. And I won’t be paying $500 for the bus for my kids anymore. I need to cut back so I can pay the $400 tax hike.

    • My name doesn't matter permalink
      June 3, 2012 11:02 AM

      Why do you think that you will qualify for an abatement? The voters have spoken, just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean that you’re so special that you don’t have to pay it. And your snarky little comment about no more fundraising is just plain nasty. Maybe you should figure out what the funds raised by parents actually pay for before making a blanket statement like that. I feel badly for your children, since you are apparently care more about your money than their educational experience.

    • Anonymous permalink
      June 3, 2012 2:42 PM

      If you have two kids in the system, you just saved yourself $500 in a fee hike which will make up for the $400 tax hike plus $100 over that. So even you are completely greedy and self centered I am not sure why you are against this override.

  3. Matthew Fearnley permalink
    June 2, 2012 9:56 PM

    Thanks Sam, any idea why this wasn’t covered by Walpole Community Television?

  4. Sam Obar permalink
    June 2, 2012 10:26 PM

    I don’t have all of the results yet. As for Matthew’s question about WCTV, I’m not sure.

  5. Anonymous permalink
    June 3, 2012 12:55 AM

    I find it amazing that a town with a majority of Republican voters, who support the Republican tenet of “not raising taxes on ANYBODY!” find it perfectly OK to raise taxes in THIS instance. When will it be enough for these people ? If they don’t like the school system, why don’t they move somewhere else? Why was it OK for kids in the 60’s to have 29-30 in a classroom, and suddenly now, it’s so wrong??? Next it will be more money sucked out of the citizens for some other lame demand. The library, they REALLY needed THAT when they can’t even keep it open all week long ! (oh yes, it passed by JUST 3 or 4 votes, riiiiight ) Some people in this town live on fixed incomes, the elderly, the disabled, etc. Not everyone has mega bucks to keep paying in excessive taxes. If the rest of us have to “tighten our belts” why can’t the Town do the same?? make due with LESS like all the citizens have to ? (except the 1% of course, they don’t care about these issues) ….

    What really annoys me is, these wingnuts who vote in more taxes, move out of town when it becomes too much for them to pay, leaving the rest holding the bag, paying for their stupidity. When people have to decide whether to pay for groceries or pay for their medications and health care, that is a serious situation….and in these difficult economic times with people struggling, this town has the nerve to put up for a vote, MORE taxes ??

    You should be ashamed of yourselves, you who call yourself responsible town administrators. You can’t find enough ways to spend other people’s money !

    • Anonymous permalink
      June 3, 2012 7:09 AM

      I love the “it was OK in the 60s” argument, it was also “OK” to smoke cigarettes and advertise to youth. Maybe we should keep pushing that on the kids too.

      29-30 kids is not acceptable. No other town with a GOOD school system has that ratio. Don’t blame the spending necessarily on bloat either when we let in places like “The Preserve” which puts stress on the school system without the revenue to support it.

      If you look at the “teacher salary heat map”, Walpole is the lowest around, which if our schools were excelling, that would be great! But…we’re not.

      I AGREE, that money can’t be spent willy bully. I agree that there is stress on lower incomes. But, I also agree that I value the value of my property in Walpole, and the school systems have a big affect on that.

      • Anonymous permalink
        June 3, 2012 7:11 AM

        *nilly, not bully. *effect, not affect. Darn autocorrect.

    • L. B. permalink
      June 3, 2012 9:22 AM

      I agree with “Anonymous 2” about the fairly ridiculous nature of your 60’s argument. I am a kindergarten teacher in Boston and, unless you’ve been in a classroom for an extended amount of time, you do not have enough information to judge that ratio. I strongly encourage you to volunteer in a classroom or two before you go spouting the idea class sizes to us all. Everyone who has spent some time in my class is completely exhausted by the middle of the day and I have a mere 17 students and a full time assistant.

      Furthermore, you might want to learn a thing or two from the class and respect that Sam demonstrated in his initial post above. You’re not really getting your point across with all that silly ranting and raving you’re doing in your post. People just roll their eyes and move on to someone who is able to make a point in a more graceful, coherent way.

    • My name doesn't matter permalink
      June 3, 2012 11:10 AM

      Classes in the 60’s didn’t have 30 kids in the classroom either. I grew up very far from Walpole, in a much less affluent area and my 1st grade class had 24 kids. The democratic process worked. We live here too. Get over it. The Walpole of the past is finally gone, thank god, and we have finally have residents who understand that it takes money to maintain the quality of life here.

      And come by the library some time, you might learn something. It is a great addition to the town. Once again, the democratic process worked. Doesn’t matter if it’s one vote or 1000 votes; it only takes one to win.

  6. Mike teeley permalink
    June 3, 2012 9:10 PM

    Now that they have jacked our taxes another $400-500 the town should eliminate fees for any service that does not increase costs for the town,e.g. Dog licenses that takes 5 minutes time to issue a tag, or a burn permit that cost nothing, or a copy of a document that is only available from the town. Paying a fee for a task that added zero costs to the town is insulting. Why do these people work there if not to provide a service for taxpayers?
    My taxes will now be $8,000.00/year and I will receive no benefit from the schools and haven’t had a child in the “system” for more than 15 years. I think I have more than paid my share as we have had to pay tuition to educate our HS students because even with past overiides the HS. Never seems to really get better.

    • My name doesn't matter permalink
      June 4, 2012 7:26 AM

      “Now that ‘they’ have jacked out taxes…” who are “they”? WE voted, the override passed, get over it. Wah, wah, wah… I pay too much, I don’t get anything, I’ve paid enough… wah, wah, wah… as has been said over and over again, someone without kids in schools paid for your children when they were in school. Now it is YOUR turn to pay for the kids in school now. Just like I’m probably paying for your social security, and hopefully someone pays for mine in 20 years. That’s how the social contract works. It’s not all me, me, me. You make me sad.

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