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Town Administrator’s reports similar from year to year

May 15, 2012

The 2011 Walpole town report is out, and I couldn’t help but notice that Walpole Town Administrator Michael Boynton repeated a lot of the same things in his section of the report that he says every year.

Take a look at these excerpted comparisons of the Town Administrator’s letter in the 2007 town report to the Town Administrator’s letter in the 2011 town report. Highlighted in bold are the sentences that seem to be exactly the same between 2007 to 2011:

On behalf of all of the Department Heads and Staff of the Town of Walpole, it is my pleasure to present to you the Annual Report of 2011. To say that the past year has been one of extremes would be an understatement. While most of the extremes we addressed resulted from weather emergencies, the late-year announcement of a possible casino development in neighboring Foxborough has created a massive challenge for the Town as well. Add in the effects of yet another year of budget shortfalls, 40B issues, facility planning, and infrastructure needs, our team has again been put to the test to respond to significant unplanned events. And, to no one’s surprise, the team of department heads and staff here have risen to the occasion and delivered once again. 2011 brought challenges for certain, but it also provided continued examples of the creativity, dedication, and passion that make Walpole such a dynamic community.

With 2008 now upon us, I am pleased to again present to you the Annual Report of the Town Administrator. To say that 2007 was a most active year would be an understatement at best. Town staff, boards and committees addressed a wide array of issues during the previous twelve months, and I am proud to say that our operations here continue to function at an outstanding level. In addition, 2007 continued to demonstrate the amazing spirit of volunteerism and community pride that is alive and well in Walpole. In short, the list of accomplishments is very impressive and is most noteworthy given the fiscal conditions that have challenged us for many years. It is through the creativity and dedication of staff and residents alike that have allowed us to realize the successes we have witnessed.

In closing, I again extend my thanks to an outstanding group of employees here in Walpole. In addition to our team of department heads, I especially wish to thank Jim Johnson, Cindy Berube, Ava Martin, Valorie Donohue and Sue Abate for their tireless work day in and day out. I too wish to recognize the wonderful contributions of Clare Abril who retired in 2011 after 40 years of service to our community. And most importantly, I wish to thank all of the volunteer members of our many Boards and Committees who give up so much of their personal lives for the benefit of their hometown. We can not achieve success without all of these fine individuals, and it is clear that the successes that we have realized are due to their efforts and those of our dedicated staff working in unison. I am proud of the team we have here in Walpole, and it is my pleasure to serve with them to make Walpole the best community in the Commonwealth!

The successes of the past year could not have happened without the incredible team of department heads, staff and boards and committees that I am pleased to serve with here, most especially the Board of Selectmen. In the face of ongoing financial uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that these dedicated individuals will always go above and beyond to make Walpole the best community in the Commonwealth!

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