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Some columns to take a look at

May 15, 2012

If anyone would like “No Override” lawn signs, please email me and I can direct you to the correct people.

Two recent newspaper columns in Massachusetts newspapers caught my eye this week that get to the heart of the matter of why I oppose an override this year, and why you should too.

The Boston Herald printed a column called “Taxachusetts Redux” last Friday (available here.) The Herald’s reporters are, of course, always biased against this governor but that doesn’t excuse the facts. Reporter Jerry Kronenberg points out that the state is on pace to collect a record amount of revenue combined with a record amount of spending. The reason this is relevant to Walpole’s override debate is it shows just how big government is growing in Massachusetts and who is paying for that massive growth. It’s true that voting against the override won’t solve our problems at the state level, but it sends a message that here in Walpole, government must live within its means. We must not go down the road of Beacon Hill.

Meanwhile, if you only read one column I highly recommend Barbara Anderson’s excellent piece in the Salem News on overrides, Town Meetings, and the rare exceptions when she (the founder of Citizens for Limited Taxation and the mother of Proposition 2.5) would actually support an override (hint: only for unforeseen expenses.) Her column is worth a read. Government demands more money for essential services like schools, because they weren’t spending money on those essential services in the first place!

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