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School override push begins

February 2, 2012

A political action committee calling itself “Walpole Pride” has launched a website, Facebook page, and Twitter page, in an effort to push for the passage of a school-backed Proposition 2.5 property tax override on the June 2 town election ballot.

If the override passes, property taxes would be allowed to go up in Walpole above 2.5% each year permanently. The schools say this is their effort to implement a “sustainable” revenue stream. Unfortunately, what might be “sustainable” now might be calls for higher taxes again in five or ten years. But I have a lot of respect for politicians with the courage to ask for higher taxes.

The group is actively soliciting donations on their website.

With a political action committee now in the mix, the debate over the June override during the next few months has the potential to be very bitter and nasty (on both sides.) The last time political action groups were formed over a local override, in 2010 for a police station proposal, the initiative went down in flames at the ballot box and was marked by a lot of intense discourse and bitter letters to the editor in The Walpole Times. People were still upset about it afterwards.

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