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Updates on race for Selectmen

January 23, 2012

General News Update 1: 180 has confirmed that the developer seeking to build a housing development at the Walpole Woodworkers site might be backing off the idea of making it a 40B development. This story is developing.

General News Update 2: 180 has confirmed from multiple sources that there is an effort underway at Town Hall to consolidate the Economic Development Officer and Town Planner positions this year.

Here is a firmer list of who could be in or out of the race for Selectmen this year. There are a number of people who are cautiously in but could change their minds.

The town election is June 2. Incumbents Nancy Mackenzie and Chris Timson will see their terms expire. Selectmen serve three-year terms.

This is a follow-up to the previous blog post about the race here.

Timson said he is most likely going to run for re-election. Timson is currently serving his second term.

Mackenzie said she also is very likely to run for re-election. She expects to make a formal decision and announcement in February. Mackenzie is currently serving her first term.

Cliff Snuffer, III is still debating a run for Selectman this year, but he won’t rule it out. “I have much more thought to give it,” he said. An announcement either way is expected in late February or early March.

Patrick Shield said he won’t rule out running, but isn’t planning to run (see previous story.) He will wait to see who else runs, and if he feels his qualifications can fill a void, he may consider running. Shield seems more interested in running for Town Meeting Representative for Precinct 6.

Russell Jones is believed to be still exploring a run for Selectmen. There has been no indication or announcement either way, and at last check he said there is a high probability he will do it.

We still don’t know who the mystery candidate this year will be. I expect a mystery candidate to emerge in this race and perhaps make the race competitive. I anticipate this mystery candidate to emerge sometime in February.

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  1. January 25, 2012 4:35 PM

    Great story…. I cant wait to see who decides to make a run….

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