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Shield still following local issues

January 21, 2012

Less than two years after losing a campaign for Walpole Selectman on his second try, Patrick Shield says he still loves Walpole.

“I love this town,” said Shield in a recent interview with 180.

A resident of West Walpole, Shield ran for Selectman in 2009 and 2010 but lost both times amid heavy competition. He continues to follow local politics and now works for Walpole State Senator Jim Timilty. That position, he says, has given him the perspective to compare Walpole to other communities in Timilty’s district and the state.

“There is no town like the town of Walpole,” he said, saying he would be interested in continuing to live here once he settles down with a family.

As Timilty’s Constituent Services Director, Shield says he helps people navigate the oftentimes intimidating bureaucracy of state government. He says he likes his job and especially enjoys the opportunity to work for a local senator who lives in this town.

“I really enjoy helping Walpole in this capacity,” he said.

But while he’s happy with what he’s doing, Shield said a number of his former legions of supporters have approached him in recent months urging him to run again for the town’s top board. A third campaign for Selectman isn’t on his radar, he says, but he’s not ready to rule it out quite yet.

“I don’t have any intention of running for local office,” he said. But he noted that he is floating the idea of running for Town Meeting Representative in his home precinct six this year. He will also wait until the field of Selectman’s candidates becomes clearer in the next few weeks and months before he officially decides not to run for that board.

Shield has continued to follow local issues closely, and attended Fall Town Meeting as an observer last year. He also says he wants to get involved with smaller appointed committees in town.

In his personal life, Shield also proudly noted that he’s working out a lot more and is trying to stay physically fit.

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