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Another great year comes to a close at 180

December 29, 2011

The end of this month marks the end of three incredible years of Sam Obar 180. It’s hard to believe it was only in December 2008 that this blog was first created. Some readers have read it from the beginning, while others started reading later on.

This year, I decided not to do a “Walpole Year in Review” as I have done in previous years around this time.

But as I do every year in late December for 180’s anniversary, I thank all of the people who have made 180 possible during the past year and over the years.

It has been quite a journey for 180 since 2008. I’m appreciative that so many local residents read 180 and are along for the ride.

As always, I’d like to thank Tom Glynn, the editor of, who first posted a link to Sam Obar 180 so many years ago and brought me the success and readership I have now.

I would also like to thank all of the readers who have read my posts loyally, often encouraging me to keep it up or otherwise offering support even when town officials get upset. It is an extraordinary privilege to have my blog taken so seriously by so many people two, three, four, or five times my age who probably have better things to do.

This year, I want to give a thank you also to Walpole Times editor Keith Ferguson who has put a lot of trust and faith in me during the past year, allowing “Obar on the Issues” to exist. It has been an extraordinary experience to write for my local newspaper and I have learned a lot.

I’d also like to thank the people at WDIS AM 1170 radio for giving me a radio show back in 2008 and for allowing me to be on the airwaves every week for three years. Although I ended that show in June, I continue to keep in touch with the wonderful people at the station and have learned a considerable amount from my work there. I still do occasional radio features for that station and help out around the building.

I’d like to thank the numerous former and current town officials who have met with me or spoken to me or done interviews with me or answered my fiery emails or given me tips or explained things to me or otherwise offered advice throughout the past year. I wish I could name some of these people, but they usually don’t want to be identified as the source of any tips on 180. But I value the great relationships I have with so many people in influential positions, even when we have serious differences of opinion.

It’s also important for me to thank all of the people during 2011 who sent and will continue to send anonymous letters or confidential tips to 180 with information or suggestions for blog posts and columns. I want these anonymous people, along with the people who send me tips with their names, to know that I read every one of your letters and emails, examine all information or tips you offer, and take it all under consideration. There are just so many different things to look into and to write about, and so little time to do it all given that I want 180 to remain a one-man operation, so you all have to trust me when I say that I do what I can and if I don’t get to something that you sent or emailed me it’s not necessarily because I didn’t think it was worth exploring.

Thank you for your continued readership. The next year will be an exciting year in Walpole, with spending and taxes coming to a head at Spring Town Meeting and Town Election, the presidential primary in March and election in November, and what looks to be an interesting battle against a proposed Foxborough casino or whatever other developments Robert Kraft wants to put near South Walpole.

Thanks for reading 180 in 2011. I hope you’ll keep reading 180 in 2012.

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