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Walpole should circulate resident survey

December 22, 2011

Since 1991, the town of Arlington, Mass. has sent a survey to residents accompanying their annual resident census mailing asking them to comment on town issues and the best way to address them. The survey is also posted online.

The survey asks residents about the best ways to address their town’s budget crisis, like what departments are of importance to them, and what services they would be okay with cutting, etc. Residents are asked to comment on fees, the quality of town services, whether they support overrides, and other issues.

A copy of the 2010 survey and results is available online here. Take a look at some of the great questions they ask. The results are posted on an Arlington town webpage here.

What a brilliant idea. I think the town of Walpole should circulate a survey very similar to this in their next annual resident census.

The town of Andover, by the way has done the same thing here. Other towns have done similar surveys before as well.

180 did a survey earlier this year with very interesting results right here.

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