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Controversy erupts over Walpole High School swim teams

November 14, 2011

Walpole High School is now in the middle of a controversy over whether to allow boys to compete on its girls swimming team against other girls swim teams (the Globe discussed it in this article.)

Tonight, WTKK talking head Michael Graham criticized Walpole for allowing Bobby Gay and Christian Kelly, two Walpole High students, to compete on the girls’ swim team. Graham was quickly put in his place by head coach Cheryl Cavanaugh, who called in, and Gay himself, who also called in. Good for both of them.

Listen to a portion of the discussion on Graham’s show in mp3 Here (this is not the entire segment, unfortunately, and the part about this issue ends when the call with Gay ends.)

Graham was rude and insulting throughout the entire interview and even said Bobby was being selfish before promptly hanging up the phone. Graham often hangs up the phone on anybody who calls into his show and disagrees with him.

A poll on Graham’s website shows about 71% of poll respondents think boys should not compete on the girls’ swim team.

My opinion: I agree with the point Graham is trying to convey and I believe it is unfair that boys are allowed to compete on a girls team, given their physical abilities. But given that they don’t seem to have any other choice, as there is no boys team, I understand the justification for having the boys swim with the girls. But I don’t think the boys should have been allowed to swim, and they should have found other ways to participate in recreational swim until a team can be formed.

But Graham was rude and egotistical throughout the entire show about the issue.

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