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First Walpole Times controversial column

August 22, 2011

I was on vacation last week, touring the islands of Massachusetts (Cuttyhunk, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, etc.) so I have not been blogging. I was out of town when my column appeared in last week’s Walpole Times entitled “No matter how you slice it, spending is a concern.” Read it here.

I urge Walpole town officials to immediately cut the high costs of the town payroll, which is higher than other towns. That could include implementing a freeze on new hires, a freeze on salaries, and a complete top-to-bottom review of every town job.

A note about my vacation: While I was in Martha’s Vineyard, President Barack Obama was there as well. I just missed him at a bookstore in Vineyard Haven. I was literally about a block away at the time, having just had lunch, and was about to get on the Vineyard Transit Authority bus to go to Chilmark to see if I could get a look at Obama’s vacation compound (I eventually did, but the only thing you can see from the street was the long driveway, which was blocked off by MA State Police and there didn’t appear to be much going on as the president was playing golf in Edgartown by that time.)

Chilmark, for those who have not been there, is much more rural than the rest of the island and therefore an ideal setting for a presidential vacation home I guess. In any case, this was my first time to the Vineyard and I had a great time.

Had I been on the Vineyard longer, I may have seen Obama at some point. Although one might think the island is pretty big (which it is, of course) and therefore it would be difficult to see him, I found that it was fairly easy to figure out where the President was at any given moment thanks to Donovan Slack from The Boston Globe who keeps tabs on the President during his vacation on her Twitter feed. The only reason I missed him at the bookstore is because I was assuming Obama was still at his house and I wasn’t monitoring the Twitter feed at the time.

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