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Gallivan seat still open

July 25, 2011

Congratulations to the new Walpole Times editor, Keith Ferguson, who was just promoted last week. Ferguson tells 180 he has already heard from some readers that his first order of business should be to re-introduce a weekly Walpole Times editorial. He is seriously considering this suggestion. Ferguson’s promotion will also mean that there will be a new reporter covering Town Hall and other town events in the future, although not until one is hired. In any case, best of luck to him. The Times is in excellent hands.

Town Moderator Jon Rockwood still has not chosen a replacement for Mark Gallivan on the Finance Committee. Russell Jones is reportedly in the running for that position, but Rockwood will not directly confirm or deny that. Jones confirmed to 180 he has been contacted by Rockwood regarding the position but said no further contact between the two has occurred. There have been other rumors regarding who is to be appointed to this position, but none appear to be true.

Jones, a conservative, ran for selectman this year, and finished a surprisingly strong second place ahead of former selectman David Sullivan. He is considering another run for selectman next year. Gallivan left the Finance Committee upon being elected to the Board of Selectmen in June.

As of press time, Rockwood had not responded to an inquiry from 180 as to when an announcement regarding who will fill Gallivan’s seat is expected.


By the way, this is just a random public record that some readers may be interested in. It is a list of all registered boat owners in Walpole. I obtained it from the New England Center for Investigative Journalism, as they did a very interesting story about cities and towns in Massachusetts being unable to collect boat taxes and about the push to raise them. I was considering doing a story about this as it pertains to Walpole taxes and boat owners, but it seems like a really boring topic (with all due respect) although I do like boats.

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