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New Times column next week

June 22, 2011

I hope everyone likes the way 180 looks now. I think it looks a lot cleaner.

I am excited to announce that in next week’s edition of The Walpole Times, I will debut a new locally-oriented opinion column. I do not know yet what the column will be called. It is not going to be a regular feature, but will be published frequently enough so that readers see my opinions often.

The Times has given me this new outlet to share my thoughts and views on local issues, news, events, people, and more. Hopefully, the column, read by almost 10,000 households per issue (and many more on the Times website), will attract more readers to 180 and will also help generate a more vibrant town-wide discussion about the issues. At the end of each column will be this blog’s web address, urging readers to check 180 out.

For those of you who are used to reading 180, you will notice that the Times column will be less provocative, although I hope still very insightful, interesting, and controversial. The Times obviously will not publish any column of mine that would get them in trouble or hot water.

In any case, the experience of having an editorial column read by thousands of people will be helpful in my own career. Also, I think the Times readership will benefit in that the Times has not had a local issues-oriented opinion column for several years. I hope I can offer some interesting perspectives on local issues and also offer something of interest for Walpole residents to read.

Suggestions for column topics can be emailed to

Thank you to my loyal readers for reading this blog up to this point and hopefully into the future.

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