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Something should be done about this

June 17, 2011

This blog post has been republished from earlier this month because I think it may have gotten buried by other blog posts and I want people to see this.

Walpole High School Sign
$2000 of your tax money sits on the Walpole High School loading dock, unused

The Walpole High School sign pictured above has been sitting on the Walpole High School loading dock for about ten years, purchased at a cost to taxpayers of $2000 soon after the 2001 high school renovation/addition. The sign has never been put up, apparently due early on to a simmering dispute between the School Department and the DPW. It is not known whether the dispute has ever been resolved, or why the School Department has not just put the sign up themselves rather than waiting for the DPW to do so.

The sign was a subject of a senior prank many years ago, in which WHS seniors brought the sign to the front of the school. But the sign was quickly moved back to the loading dock.

School Superintendent Lincoln Lynch told 180 a few months ago he was unaware this sign even existed, but promised to look into putting it up. As of press time, however, the sign still sits unused at the loading dock. Take a look if you want – it is accessible in the driveway behind the school cafeteria.

I hope to see the day in my lifetime when this sign makes it to the front of the school.

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