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Vote for Russell Jones for Selectman June 4

June 1, 2011

This post has been edited since being originally published.

This year’s field of contenders for selectman is unfortunately quite limited. The three candidates for the one open Selectman’s seat are Mark Gallivan, David Sullivan, and Russell Jones. This is a disappointing selection of candidates for a race where a lot is at stake.

This year, I am particularly concerned about town spending, and I want a Selectman who will permanently discontinue the town’s addiction to spending money and then raising taxes and fees.

With that in mind, I urge all residents to vote for Russell Jones on Saturday. Jones is a Town Hall outsider who is running because he is frustrated with the way Town Hall operates. He is upset about out-of-control town spending, and wants to make Town Hall more business friendly. All three of those concerns should resonate with voters.

Jones operates his own excavating business and understands how to balance a budget. He is not afraid to make tough choices on behalf of the taxpayer. He is against new taxes or trash fees until Town Hall controls its spending. “I support no new revenue collections without serious efforts to rein in operating costs,” Jones told 180. But for those of us who do not mind some tax overrides for the right purposes, Jones is not fully opposed to all overrides and said he will keep an open mind as a Selectman.

Jones was the only candidate for Selectman at the League of Women Voter’s Candidates Night who suggested that the town should implement merit-based pay for town employees, rather than automatic mandatory raises on a yearly basis. He was the only one who talked about cutting waste and instituting common sense fiscally-conservative budgeting, while his two opponents danced around the issue.

Jones is also the only candidate who believes that, as 180 has pointed out repeatedly, the town should be looking within the budget for more money rather than going to taxpayers. “People see waste and then they hear override,” Jones said, promising to change that perception. He is in full support of most of the spending cuts proposed on 180, or is at least in support of exploring and considering what 180 has suggested.

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