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Sun Chronicle reports on little known local aid fund

May 1, 2011

Update 4/2/11: Walpole could receive up to $155,865 if this budget amendment passes all the way through the House and is approved by the Governor. I hope the money is used to reopen the East Walpole Fire Station and hire some new teachers.

Prison mitigation money has also been included in the budget, and Walpole could get that money as well if it holds up in the Senate and Governor’s office.

Don’t tell any of your legislators, because then this might disappear:

The Attleboro Sun Chronicle reports today on a little-known fund within the proposed 2012 state budget that could produce more local aid for cities and towns like Walpole in the fall. Apparently, our legislators accidentally voted to include a provision in the FY 2012 budget worth about $65 million that would provide 50 percent of all leftover money from the previous year’s budget to cities and towns.

Walpole probably would not get much money if the provision was to make it into the final budget, but I hope Town Hall uses the money to reopen the East Walpole Fire Station.

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