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Radio roundtable about Walpole issues

February 6, 2011

Walpole Times reporter Keith Ferguson and two-time Selectman candidate Patrick Shield joined me in a live roundtable discussion about Walpole issues on The Sam Obar Show this weekend.

The audio is available here (mp3)

One of the most interesting parts of the interview was near the beginning, where we discussed the inability of Town Hall to engage in serious long-term planning, especially in relation to municipal buildings. Shield is a former member of the Master Plan Implementation Committee and shared his thoughts about the lack of communication and lack of direction related to planning. It was a very interesting discussion.

Unfortunately, Shield formally announced that he will not be running for selectman this year. I think I speak for many in Walpole when I say that this is extremely disappointing. At the very least, Shield contributed a lot to the race for selectman during the two years he ran, and his presence in the race was significant. He was the first candidate for selectman to start his own campaign website, and his passion and energy in campaigning so vigorously was incredible and meant his opponents had quite a bit to match.

Shield will, however, be running for RTM this year, which I think is fantastic. I hope to see him run for higher office in the future.

Thank you to both Keith and Patrick for being supporters of this show and of this blog during the past few years.

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