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Local aid in Massachusetts

December 26, 2010

For anyone who needs further evidence that Governor Deval Patrick has been waging an assault on cities and towns across Massachusetts, a new report from WBZ TV might interest you. According to WBZ’s Joe Shortsleeve, “local town budgets and all the services that go along with them have taken a harder hit than some other budgets on Beacon Hill.” So while other state budgets have been cut substantially, local aid has been cut far more.

A member of, an online web forum, posted the following. I decided to steal it and post it on 180, and I hope the person who posted it does not mind. I think we can all think of some real life examples of this so-called “fable”:

A Massachusetts Fable

Once upon a time there was a village. After a while, the village started to grow. The Selectmen one day had a meeting and decided that traffic was getting bad and they needed to hire a painter to paint lines on the road to guide traffic. So they did.

The next year the Selectmen met and decided that the painter was doing a good job, but they never knew where he was. They decided he needed a supervisor. So they hired one.

The year after that the supervisor came to the Selectmen and told them that he couldn’t keep up with all the correspondence and clerical work and supervise the line painter effectively. He asked the Selectmen to give him a secretary. So they hired one.

The next year the economy was terrible and they had to make cuts. So they fired the painter.

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