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Thank you, Governor Patrick

November 16, 2010

This post has been edited since being originally published.

With mass layoffs of Walpole school teachers expected in the coming months, WBZ-TV has done an incredible job exposing yet another waste of taxpayer money happily ignored by Governor Patrick. Apparently the state has spent more than $71 million in the past two years on chauffeur-driven rides for MassHealth members to get to medical appointments.

Interestingly, while the state has been doing this, Governor Patrick has been starving Walpole of its prison mitigation money and laying off Walpole school teachers.

During the coming months, we will learn more about what Governor Patrick has in store for Walpole as he faces the state’s gaping multi-billion dollar budget deficit. I predict Walpole will face teacher layoffs first, then police layoffs second. The effects of these massive cuts will be felt by Walpole residents for years to come.

Meanwhile, to see what the alternative could have been, I urge all Walpole residents to take a look at Charlie Baker’s detailed list of $1 billion in cuts, good government reforms, municipal health benefits relief plan, and plans to make the RMV more efficient, all written in plain English for all to read. We can only wonder what this state, and this community, would be like under a Governor Baker. Oh, well.

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