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Here is another reason not to vote for Patrick

October 31, 2010

Here is yet another example of wasteful spending Governor Patrick has overseen during the last four years. The state is spending $4.6 million on a bridge primarily for horses, while the state’s vehicle bridges fall into disrepair. It is all about spending priorities, and this is apparently what the governor calls a priority. That money could come in handy right now here in Walpole, where Governor Patrick has cut prison mitigation money and local aid.

Charlie Baker has rightly called for the project to be cut. Governor Patrick is silent. This story would be funny if it wasn’t actually true.

A vote for Deval Patrick is a vote to keep laying off Walpole teachers while you pay higher taxes for less services. A vote for Charlie Baker is a vote for responsible spending.

Today, Dan Haley from the Baker campaign writes a column for the MetroWest Daily News making an excellent case for Charlie Baker. Here is his column. It was a good read, and bluntly summarized why Baker is the better choice in this election. Meanwhile, Tom Driscoll’s column making the case for Deval Patrick was based on nothing but fluff, and was a very boring read with a lot of feel-good words and no real evidence as to why Patrick deserves your vote. Contrast Driscoll’s column to Haley’s column and it’s easy to see why Baker’s campaign is based on numbers and facts while Patrick’s campaign is based on hope and dreams. Who would you rather have as governor?

A key quote that I hope voters remember on Tuesday from Haley’s column: “If the past four years have taught us anything, it is that in a time of uncertainty and crisis Massachusetts needs a competent and decisive CEO, not a motivational speaker.”


Please vote on Tuesday. My next blog post will be after the election.

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