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Would Longview Farm expansion bring more police activity?

June 29, 2010

A lot of people in the area of Longview Farm on Lincoln Road, and throughout Walpole, have been in an uproar over the Home for Little Wanderers’ proposal to move a group of younger children from their Jamaica Plain facility to the facility in Walpole. Many people point to the high number of police incidents at the existing Walpole facility, and are calling for increased cooperation between the organization’s staff and the local police department before any more kids are brought to the home.

The younger kids would be moved from the Knight Children’s Center in Jamaica Plain. For an idea of how much police activity might increase at Longview, 180 asked for information from the Boston Police Department regarding how many times and how often Boston police officers respond to calls at the Knight facility.

Here is the list of all times the police were called to the Jamaica Plain facility, located at 161 South Huntington Avenue, between January 1, 2008 and June 25, 2010. It does not provide details about each incident, just the time and date.

Based on this list, there appears to have been around 50 incidents at the facility between two and a half years, and very few appear to have been serious issues. Police incidents at the facility also appear to be fairly infrequent.

Decide for yourself. Is this a high enough number of incidents that the kids at this facility should not be relocated to Walpole? Would this be reproduced in Walpole if the kids are moved here?

Please note that if you can’t see the images below or want a closer look, they are available here and here.



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